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Tutoring Services

Because of the nature of the IB Diploma Programme, students can come to feel overwhelmed about the demands they’re facing. Very often, one source of this stress is dealing with topics, concepts, and subjects that aren’t your strength. With the breadth of the programme and the intensity of the pace, you might find yourself feeling like you’re always trying to catch up. One-to-one tutoring support gives you a chance to focus your limited time and attention. Each session will allow you to monitor progress, to get feedback on where improvement is required, and to consolidate understanding.



To get started, you and I will meet to discuss your needs, explore the guidance and support available, and develop a targeted plan. 


Once we decide to work together, each lesson lasts for 60 minutes. The cost is $70 per lesson, paid by bank transfer. Lessons will be booked in blocks of five (for English support) or 3-5 (for TOK or Extended Essay Support). 


Complete the form below, and I’ll provide the details you need to get the support you need. 

Thanks for submitting!

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