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IB Extended Essay Tutoring

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The Extended Essay stands out among IB assessments. It is designed to be completed outside of the subject structure of the rest of the Diploma Programme. There is no accompanying class to provide opportunities to complete formative tasks that offer feedback and build confidence. All of the key choices — subject, topic, focus, etc. — are, ultimately up to you. It’s not surprising that you may feel overwhelmed by the demands the EE places on you. I’ve spent eight years as an IB Examiner for Group One (English) Extended Essays, reading hundreds of student essays. I’ve also worked with dozens of students as mentor as they completed their researching, planning, drafting, and revising.  


I will work with you to help you navigate the process of completing your English Extended Essay. I will provide you with focused advice on the practical steps you can take to approach your work with the self-confidence required to do your best on the project:


  • Choosing an appropriate topic, including a clear, narrow focus 

  • Selecting sources that demonstrate academic rigor while being useful for you as a reader and writer

  • Managing your time to help balance with the commitments of the rest of the DP

  • Planning and drafting your essay to best address the range of assessment criteria


I will provide detailed feedback on your Extended Essay draft that you can you to sharpen your thinking and help you polish your writing. 

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