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Exhibition Tutoring

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Success in the TOK Exhibition requires a clear, thoughtful approach to linking each of the components — the IA prompt, the objects/images, and the commentary that connects these elements. Advice, feedback, and guidance on navigating the process can be invaluable in performing well.


I’ll work with you to unlock your thinking about your work in the course and its links to your experience of the world. Shaping your thinking in a way that clearly addresses the Exhibition assessment criteria will allow you to approach the task with confidence. My tutoring will support your work in completing the steps of the process:


  • Exhibition planning, including choosing the right IA prompt

  • Feedback on choosing objects/images 

  • Guidance on how to best justify the connection among the objects, their real-world contexts, and the IA prompt

  • Feedback on your commentary draft


With one-to-one support, you can build the necessary confidence to feel like you’re completing your best work in the TOK Exhibition. 

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