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IB TOK Essay Tutoring

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The TOK Essay presents a unique set of challenges for you as an IB Student. It is a one-time task worth 66% of your final grade in the course. You may not have had opportunities to complete formative assignments that give you confidence in your approach to the task. It’s also common to feel intimidated by the TOK Essay Titles. Your TOK teacher may not be experienced in the course or in giving guidance and feedback. 


I’ll work with you at the key stages of the process to help guide your independent work in completing the TOK Essay assessment:


  • Choosing an TOK Essay title that matches your understanding and experiences

  • Planning an essay structure that allows you to meet the expectations of the assessment criteria

  • Researching the content required to support your argument

  • Drafting your essay


I’ll offer detailed feedback on your essay draft and help show the ways your work can be sharpened and improved. 

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